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When looking for fixer uppers, you want to focus your search on those up and coming neighborhoods that are filled to the brim with potential while still having affordable options to choose from. We know thats not an easy thing to do in Los Angeles. Let’s take a look at some strategies you can apply to your search.

Older Neighborhoods

When looking for a fixer upper in Los Angeles, it is always a good idea to start off in the older neighborhoods. The homes were built in the early 1900s and were built solid and dependable, so you have good bones to work with.

South LA

With developments such as the Crenshaw line and Whole Foods coming to the neighborhood, South LA is hot right now. As we live in work in this neighborhood we know everything there is to know about where to find a great, affordable fixer upper and we  are happy to share with you how to create a beautiful modern vignette in these historic homes without losing the bones and charm of the property.

East LA

We are talking east of the LA river here, neighborhood such as Highland Park, Elysian Valley and even Echo Park still possess many diamonds in the rough.Highland Park is considered a historic neighborhood and was one of the first subdivisions of Los Angeles, and is inhabited by a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic groups. El Sereno

Mid City

With the The Crenshaw/LAX Line from north-south serving this Mid City, this is a good neighborhood to put on your list when you are looking for a fixer. The area is highly diverse in both people as well as amenities, including the nearby world class museum LACMA.

Sherman Oaks

Another location to check out is Sherman Oaks. It is located near the 101 and 405 freeways which give you quick access to Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. This area is a quiet community with tree-lined sidewalks and its fair share of mom and pop shops further adding to its charm. This area has several fixer uppers still available, but with the rising popularity and demand for this appealing neighborhood, people are reluctant to sell their homes.

Valley Glen

This is the neighborhood that is home to the infamous 2,700-foot mural called, “The Great Wall of Los Angeles.” Homes here are still affordable despite the many more upscale communities beginning to surround the area.Right now, there are still plenty of fixers to choose from. We consider this  an up and coming neighborhood in LA. Everything is being renovated, updated, and sold off quickly.

Affordable Options

In short, if you are on the hunt for a historic single-family home or something much trendier, you definitely want to check out these LA areas as soon as possible.

When home buyers with young children come to us, inevitably the subject of “schools and neighborhoods” becomes the hot topic that drives their decision where to purchase a home. Searching for a house in a good school district in Los Angeles becomes a major focus point.

Between Los Angeles Unified (LAUSD) neighborhood schools, magnets, charters, language immersions, gifted, and other public school options, as well as private and religious school choices, it can become a daunting task sifting through all the school options.

If it’s your first time at this particular rodeo, it can feel quite overwhelming and you will likely need some guidance on how to navigate the school process.

From choosing your area to targeting several schools to actually applying and getting into your desired schools, there are several factors and steps to consider. While many neighborhoods have wonderful public schools, some neighborhoods are still struggling with their local schools.

In some cases parents find another school program that best suits their needs, but this brings with it uncertainty, eligibility, and paperwork. It’s important to check with your desired schools’ websites for their specific application guidelines, tours, and deadlines.

For instance, magnet programs are applied for through the website, and must be submitted between October and early November before the fall of enrollment. Charter schools each have their own unique deadlines, but typically it’s around February before the fall of enrollment. For private and other school admissions, it will depend on that particular school’s application process, but is likely even earlier.

Knowing your priorities before you start looking for a home can make a big difference. We have helped many families purchase homes in areas that have great public schools, as well as guided them in the right direction to private, charter, or magnet schools!

If you want to get savvy about LAUSD public schools (including charters and magnets), we have a great resource for you! Tanya Anton of has put together a super handy Guide, “The GoMamaGuide to LAUSD” that’s helped thousands of LA families understand their options and make the right public school choice for them. We offer 10% off her book if you use this special Aspire link.

As always, reach out to a team member if you are an unrepresented buyer looking to purchase a home in Los Angeles.

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